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Valve was able to create the incredibly popular project called Dota 2, which is not played just lazy. Two years ago this MOBA enjoyed serious popularity, although after the release of PUBG and Fortnite online has fallen dramatically, by almost two times. Demand for mobile counterparts brings darkness not very successful copies, most of which you never see in the top Google Play or App Store. However, some major publishers have provided resources for the development of worthy products. About them today we will talk about those representatives of the genre, which is not a pity to spend your time and energy.

You need to understand that although in our region Dota 2 is in great demand in the US and China, and it is the largest game markets League of Legends is the undisputed favorite. Because of this, most of the mobile apps in the genre of MOBA copy the graphics of League of Legends, as the audience of this picture is more familiar. But, we are going to look at the wrapper, and the content. The game should be fun, clear and without merciless donation, which would spoil the feeling of the player without investing. You will be surprised, but to find a product that would meet three of these criteria, is incredibly difficult.

Arena of Valor
In 2016, China’s largest publisher


released on the Asian market, a new MOBA game called Arena of Valor. The project quickly became popular on the local market, and a year later held the world release. Gamers loved the game mechanics, the graphics and the way of monetization of the product. At the moment, Arena of Valor is one of the best representatives of their genre with a huge audience and the opportunity to spend time in virtual battles with pleasure and without investing real money.

The game mechanics of the project are very similar to League of Legends. In fact, this is a mobile copy of the richest MOBA on the market. This is not surprising, because Tencent owns Riot Games, developer of League of Legends. The ability to migrate your already well-honed mechanisms and the gameplay allowed the creators Arena of Valor in the shortest possible time to customize your product and conquer fans around the world. Here is a highly original graphic — it is quite simple, and allows you to run the game even on a weak smartphones. Although, the picture looks very attractive.

Gameplay is also completely copied from League of Legends, with the exception of some features. On the main map there are three lines, each got three towers and a throne at the base of each team. All defensive buildings are able to attack their attackers, that is pretty painful. The task of the team of five players is to destroy the enemy main building, to achieve the goal can be by any means — to go ahead, to cheat, to lure the enemy into traps. For this, a skill, a decent Arsenal of equipment and the ability to hide in the bushes. However, there is couriers like in Dota 2, items bought from anywhere.

The developers have implemented a learning process — if you have never in these games did not come, we will tell you all the details. After that, the gamer can go on an exciting journey. Someone will try one of the many modes the usual battles, and someone will like to fight in ranked battles, where the outcome of a round affects the overall rating. Characters abound here, too, but all at once will not work. Need to play a lot, to save some gold and then get the required heroes. A good analogue of Dota 2, but if you like League of Legends, then you need to load without delay.

Planet of Heroes

This MOBA recently went to conquer gamers for its attractive graphics and easy controls — in the spring of 2017, the developers first showed your project. Then the fans of Dota and League of Legends offer more than simple gameplay with battles, three-on-three and only one line from the throne to the throne. Now is a full mobile version of the beloved game from Valve with three sides, towers, forest monsters, and a lot of characters to choose from. However, as in the previous product, all the characters you just don’t give any choose from free for a week, or buy for gold or crystals.

Management implemented very convenient, you get used literally after a couple of rounds. Note that learning here devoted little time and become more or less advanced gamer newbie not allow, you need to fill the cones right into a real fight. Although the developers will not let you go directly to experienced players, so experience is not necessary. The first ten rounds, roughly, do you play with bots — they even have the same nicknames. Only on the third level come across real players and here you have to forgive mistakes and not to succumb, and in ranked battles is allowed only after attainment of the fourth level.

Economy Planet of Heroes is built on a quite standard principle, which is used in all mobile MOBA games. You battle and win you get experience points, all kinds of resources and currency. For the gold obtained in the battle, you can buy characters — simple, you can buy just a couple of days of active fighting, but the cool characters require long-term accumulation of money in the account. Of course, the developers give you the opportunity to invest some real money and buy the character right away, but it doesn’t make much sense. The fact that all the characters more or less balanced and defeat the enemies due to the purchased of a warrior you will not succeed.

Active gamers will love the attention to various achievements and visits Planet of Heroes. Every day you will give bonuses, resources, sometimes even characters that only motivates you to go more often and not to forget about the project. Battles are active on one batch takes about 10-15 minutes in ranked games sometimes and more protracted battles. A fan of the genre can only train the fingers to learn the abilities of your characters, and then you can go into battle and enjoy the adrenaline of another murder under the tower.

Paladins Strike

Multiplayer shooter Paladins from the Studio Hi-Rez very much to lovers of free-to-play project, then the developers decided to try himself in the genre of MOBA games. The novelty has received the name of Paladins Strike and quickly gained the attention of gamers from all over the world, although to escape on top of her and failed. The thing is that the staff of Hi-Rez decided not to change the basic game modes, they just redid the control of touch screen smartphone and distanced camera to fight it easier. Classic mode with three ways and a throne on each of the bases is not here, because of what the majority of fans just turn away from the product.

However, if you look a little deeper in the mechanics of Paladins Strike and try out all the battle modes, it’s easy to forget about Dota 2 and its core mechanics. Here the emphasis is not on the tactical component, where you and your team must move around the map to attack and demolish the tower, and the battle itself. For example, in the mode of carriage, we demonstrate that there is no tactics here, only the right buttons to push and crush the enemy. Sometimes it’s even more interesting than collect gold and buy items in the previous two projects.

A huge advantage of this game are a variety of battle modes. Usually in MOBA-projects, the developers just make the map not 5×5, 3×3, or create the location is not with in three ways, and two or even one. It slightly changes the feel of the battles, but the Paladins Strike with this case. Very cool modes to capture points on the map there are several locations where you should go with command and capture the conditional flag. Enemies, of course, do the same thing and sooner or later you will clash with them in the battle for the next item. Battles produce unusual, unique, plus there is no fear for the tower or the fall of the throne.

Developers earn by selling in-game currency, which you can then spend on heroes, skins, consumables and a further improvement of the runes. Free heroes also has them periodically change, and the improvement of the runes does not increase to complain though. Yes, and nice graphics with user-friendly controls allow easy fight, to save resources and buy new Champions. Paladins can Strike, and very far from Dota 2 game, but it looks very advantageous against the background of potential competitors, especially if you long wanted something new and unusual.

Paladins Strike 1.0
Android 4.1 and above


It is impossible to write an article about mobile MOBA games and not to mention Vainglory. Is a veteran in the market, which was released in late 2014. While Dota 2 was actively gaining popularity, and mobile game developers began to think about the need to create a profitable project. However, while others are just made plans and dreamed of a young Studio Super Evil Megacorp has released a pretty cool mobile product, which still enjoys great popularity. To take such a successful position has been due to two key reasons — lack of competition and investment in eSports.

At the time, fired Valve in the same way, the company announced a Dota 2 tournament called The International with a prize pool of $1 million This attracted the attention of gamers who wanted to achieve success and become rich. The creators of Vainglory also went ahead and began to actively carry out tournaments with the valuable prizes. Actually, at the moment the situation is not changed and only this project can offer the professional player the opportunity to earn decent money in tournaments. And in 2014, when the game first came out, the competition in the genre almost was not.

At this point, the game has changed, but the key points remained in their places. Remains a serious MOBA Vainglory, which opens you the way to eSports. However, this will need to work a lot — if Planet of Heroes can be defeated without much effort, there is a high level fighting a real piano with an excellent response. The essence of the gameplay is similar to Dota 2 or League of Legends you need to defend a line (one of three), and then to demolish turrets and deal a decisive blow to the enemy throne. Tactics are a whole lot so that you can win in various ways.

Team Super Evil Megacorp said that although their project and goes on a mobile platform, there are no exceptions and casual gameplay will not. Items can be bought only at the base or in the secret store, and turrets hit so hard, to fight under them you don’t want. Because of this battle drag on for 20-30 minutes, which for many gamers is not quite comfortable. On the other hand, is a serious mobile MOBA for those who for whatever reason do not want or can not play in the “adult” counterparts on the computer. These gamers are willing to sacrifice time for fun.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

This game is very similar to the Arena of Valor, as the game’s developers used a visual style and mechanics of League of Legends. However, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is much more similar to Dota 2 than the direct competitor from China. League of Legends on the line, the characters often fall skills at the enemies and even the creeps and the fights can be seen a real hurricane of all kinds of skills. To monitor the mana bars is not necessary, as it is either spend a very long time, or some of the characters do not. Playing in Arena of Valor, I have never managed to be in a situation when there is no mana for another attack.

Mobile Legends combat mechanics more like Dota 2, when the character is at the initial stage just enough for two or three cast, then you need to run to base and restore mana. This radically changes the behavior of gamers, because they try to invest in every attack the maximum of their capabilities actively combine skills and try to kill the enemy in one shot. If you attack, but miss skills, then stand in line without the opportunity to spend a beautiful combination. So to fight much more interesting, although with higher levels and buying items, the mana problem disappears.

The game has pleased a number of gifts for his constant visits to the virtual world. Such bonuses exist in all of the above projects, but here you can directly fill up the virtual currency and different resources. It’s the little things and really fast to buy something you can not, but the fact that such attention was very pleased, plus there’s the motivation to go to the game, at least for the daily gifts. To save currency can be even in the battles that logically, either buy it with real money. All this is necessary for purchasing new characters or skins on them. Although, it is better to first understand the project, and then save up for epic outfits.

Audience Mobile Legends: Bang Bang significantly less than major competitors, as the project recently sent to the light. However, finds the battle in literally 30-40 seconds. Online either great, or the developers cleverly implemented bots, but to sit for five minutes waiting for the opponents is not necessary. Management is made in the classic style of the genre, a map with three lines and the throne is also in place. It turns out a kind of mixture of League of Legends and Dota 2 in the form of a mobile MOBA. Does the product have one serious drawback — no support for displays with an aspect ratio of 18:9, which right and left black stripes.

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