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Among Us review

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Patricia Curtis

Among Us review

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Among Us is a company game in which players must find a traitor among the crew of a spaceship whose goal is to kill everyone. The traitor must kill as many of his teammates as possible before he is unmasked.
The game Among Us was first released in 2018, but only now has it been played en masse - it went viral among streamers and bloggers on Twitch and YouTube, and now more than 60 million people play it every day. And it became popular not in the midst of a global pandemic, but only in September.
In short Among Us can be described as follows - it's like the card game "Mafia", only a little more complicated and exclusively online. The Mafia has a city with bandits, police, civilians and other characters, while this game only has a spaceship and a group of astronauts, among whom there are one or more so-called impostors. There can be anywhere from 4 to 10 participants and no more than three villains in a single game.
Its essence is simple and known to many: a group of people get together, try on different roles (detective, doctor, and so on) and look for cunning gangsters in their ranks. And the criminals, meanwhile, are trying to quietly destroy their rivals, to cover their tracks - in short, to get away clean. One, two, three, the city falls asleep, and the usual apartment turns into a place of detective stories, where everyone is for himself. Who is the killer? Who to send to prison? Why does Kira have such a suspicious face?
Mini-tasks scattered throughout the ship are as simple actions as possible. For example, you need to connect the wires in the electrical panel with your finger or collect a pile of garbage in the ventilation system. The only difficulty is that at the same time there is a disguised villain running around the level, whose goal is to kill everyone. He can sneak up on a lone astronaut while the others are out of sight and kill him. The impostor can also hide in the shadows around a corner or move stealthily through a vent to hunt down a victim, as well as sabotage by closing doors or breaking equipment on the ship.
If the player notices a corpse on the level, he can call an emergency meeting, in which all participants vote against the possible enemy. The alarm can be declared by a peaceful astronaut as well as by an impostor who has just killed that player - this can additionally divert suspicion from himself, but it doesn't always work. It is also possible to declare an alarm without finding a corpse, if someone follows you suspiciously or just behaves strangely - there is a special button in the central room for this purpose.
Among Us for Android and iOS is completely free - the developers zarabyla on ads, which are periodically shown between matches, and on items to change the appearance of your character. The ads don't interfere with the process in any way, and you can do without the attributes all the more. 


  • Incredibly addictive gameplay
  • well-built mechanics
  • huge room for manipulation and bluffing
  • great visual style
  • an abundance of settings
  • cross-play
  • low price on PC and no price tag on smartphones


  • Servers sometimes work through the cracks, and the occasional cheater likes to ruin the fun of playing with strangers.

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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