Top 10 Apps You Should Have on Your Device

That’s why it is important to choose the right apps to install on your device. Below are the top 10 apps that you should download on your phone or tablet now. These are useful and interesting applications that will simplify your life and make it more interesting.

Create Short Videos with Tik Tok

TikTok App

Tik Tok is a very popular app developed by a Chinese company. More than 500 million people use it all over the world. The app is similar to Vine. The company’s main competitor was, so the Chinese decided to buy it for $1 billion in 2017. Tik Tok is a social network that allows you to create short music videos, live streams, and share messages.

Get a Real-Time Horoscope with Co-Star

Co Star app

Co-Star is an astrology app that combines great design and AI technology. The app comes with AI-generated readings using the data from NASA and knowledge of expert astrologers. You will get updates on the movement of the planets and how it affects you every day.

Bear – An Ideal App for Your Notes

Bear App

Bear is the most ambitious app for your notes of recent years. In the app, you can easily format your notes, add headings, or highlight text in bold or italic. You can also insert separators, add several types of lists, attach links, files, and even to-do-items.
Using Bear, you can create a ready-made article for a blog or working paper. It all depends on the tasks and is determined by the export settings – you can upload the notes to HTML, PDF, DOCX, TXT, RTF, Markdown itself, and even JPEG.

Google’s Grasshopper – The Best App That Will Teach You How to Code

Google’s Grasshopper app

Startup incubator, Area 120, from Google has released a free app named Grasshopper that should help adults learn the basics of programming. The application allows you to study JavaScript using small games and puzzles. As you progress through the exercises, they become more complex. The app also reminds you to complete exercises by sending you notifications daily or several times a week.

Calm Will Help You Fight Depression and Stress

Calm App

The purpose of Calm is to make the world healthier and happier. In the app, a pleasant female voice gently teaches you how to breathe correctly, relax muscles, and stop the flow of thoughts. The library of the app contains sounds and images, which you need to concentrate on during meditation. Calm has a rich meditation library with an instructor (guided meditation). A nice bonus is a meditation while walking.

Create Photorealistic Paintings with Procreate Pocket

Procreate Pocket App

Procreate Pocket combines many advanced technologies in the field of drawing, including a large selection of graphics tools, the ability to work with layers, support for video recording, and a number of other tools that create photo-realistic art compositions. You can even draw your own unique brush, which you will be most comfortable to work with.

Procreate allows you to create drawings using a wide variety of tools, including pencils and inks. The application remembers 250 recent actions (that you can undo) and makes available up to 18 layers of digital canvas.

Moment – An App for Those Who Is Constantly on the Smartphone

Moment App

Moment helps you track how much time you spend looking on your smartphone or tablet. You can also keep track of how long other family members have been using their gadgets. Using the app, you can organize the so-called family dinner when voice messages will prohibit the whole family to use phones or tablets for a certain period of time. Anyone who picks up his gadget during the “dinner” will hear a sound that will not stop until you put your device down.
The app also shows usage statistics for all connected smartphones and tablets. It allows you to set a daily limit – the total amount of time to use the device.

Oh She Glows – A Dream App for Vegans

On she Glows

Whether you’re a vegan or not, Oh She Glows is the app you need to download. It has more than a hundred plant-based recipes that you can easily cook at home. Everyone can find something here that will satisfy your appetite.

Use Otter for Transcribing

Otter App

Otter is the app that will help you transcribe long interviews and conversations into text. Using the app, you can record speech from yourself or other people. The app analyzes the words and tries to transcribe them into text, which you can then export in an email, document, or any other file.

Delicious Recipes and Culinary Videos with Tasty App

With the Tasty app, you can find delicious recipes and quick cooking videos for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert or snacks. The app also provides recommendations according to your dietary needs.