Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout review

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Katrina Menary

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout review

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There is an old argument about whether video games are entertainment or art. As usual, there is no definite answer - there are plenty of examples to support one or the other point of view. There are also those for whom games have become a lifelong occupation to earn a piece of bread and satisfy their ambitions: cyber athletes, creators of creative content or virtual currency traders in MMOs.
And at the same time the gamer's interest is quite understandable: at a time when console wars and fierce arguments about "politics" in games - that is all the most unpleasant things in the industry - suddenly such a project comes out. Simple as two sticks, with no ambition and one single goal: to make you have fun.
According to the genre Fall Guys is often attributed to the battle royale, although the game belongs to him very conventionally - one session here is divided into 4-5 different levels. Start is always about 60 people, after the first task they remain about fifty, to the fourth reaches just over a dozen. At the end, of course, only one must remain - he takes the crown and wins.
If you continue associations with the movies (and the genre "battle royale" got its name from the movie of the same name), it's more like "The Running Man" with Schwarzenegger or any other action movie with a similar plot. Where the participants must complete a series of different, unrelated tasks in order to reach the finale in a minimum.
Fall Guys generates such unique situations on a regular basis. After all, 60 people starting at one time in a small location is a lot: you constantly collide, you get knocked down, they purposely try to push you down, you jump over someone else's head, or someone else's - over yours. The human element creeps into the already challenging levels: uncontrollable, cruel and merciless.
There are not many levels, but you can not learn everything thoroughly at once, and each specific test requires a different tactic and "knowledge of the track. For example, in the race with the doors closed, it is better to stay a little behind the leading group, so as not to bang on the closed gate, and know exactly where to run. Lagging behind, however, is also not an option - the obligatory hustle at the last open door can lead to an upsetting delay to the remaining winning places.
Mediatonic - great job, if they managed to embody in one game what made the above examples are popular. Nevertheless, it is too early for the authors to rest on their laurels. Bombardment with negative reviews on Steam is not accidental - the annoyance from the Fall Guys technical problems is directly proportional to its fame. It's not nice when you can't connect to a server, or, even worse, you get kicked out during a race. Such a rapid rise in people's love does not exclude future oblivion: after a while the levels, with all their variety, begin to get bored, and some controversial solutions, such as team rounds with different number of participants on each side, do not add positive emotions.


  • A variety of tests
  • Easy controls
  • Fun situations that constantly arise during the game.


  • Problems with the network connection.

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 4

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 5

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