Fire Emblem Heroes

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Fire Emblem Heroes review

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Molly Johnson

Fire Emblem Heroes review

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The Fire Emblem (FE) series never went beyond the Nintendo platforms: the first part was released in 1990 for Famicom. In the West, however, the series was only discovered in 2003, when the seventh part was released in the US by the name of the Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a spin-off of popular video game series launched in 1990. This long-awaited mobile game launched in February 2017 made game servers down the first day.

In the series there is no single story - FE does not stay in one world for longer than a couple of issues. But the overall composition does not change: we are introduced to a small batch of heroes who go on an adventure and gain more allies along the way. Fighters participate in turn-based tactical battles in the name of defeating an evil empire, pumped, interact with each other between missions. Fire Emblem Heroes is all about the same.

Heroes: Fire Emblem mobile successor

Mobile FE Heroes inherits from its console predecessors the basis of the combat system and overall stylistics. There is no clear plot, no relationship between the heroes - it's just a series of battles in which no one dies for good.

FE Heroes retained the combat system, the correlation of classes and the character characteristics scheme unchanged, but as much as possible simplified everything else.

The battlefield here always fits on the screen, and a team of not more than four heroes can take part in the battle. The characters do not interact with each other, since they do not live in a scenario environment, but are simply stored in the player's inventory.

Nintendo created Fire Emblem Heroes with a clear understanding of the main aim of this version. This game is a showcase designed to acquaint a wide audience with the basic principles of Fire Emblem, to spark interest in Nintendo console games on 3DS and Switch, where everything is about the same, but at times more complicated, interesting and steeper.

No Nintendo console needed: enjoy FE Heroes on your mobile

Fire Emblem Heroes is convenient to play - the vertical orientation is still perceived much more naturally than the landscape one, and the interface is thought out so that it is possible to control one realistically.

In the mobile version, you will find modest scales of battles. In the full Fire Emblem: Awakening, one battle could last more than an hour - the smartphone does not have to such protracted sessions.

A more compact format with four characters on small maps limits your tactical capabilities. The visual performance of Heroes also looks much weaker than its predecessors' graphics. Nevertheless, the anime style is kept here in its classical manner. Long haired characters with young faces, big eyes, armed with medieval or magic weapons and fantasy decorations.

Anime-centered gameplay at the forefront

As in the previous Fire Emblem games from the series, the anime aesthetics possesses an essential place in the whole gameplay. Regarding the plot, you will be a hero from another universe summoned by someone from beyond to help in a Very Crucial Fight. You'll need to fight Mystical Emblians; they attack various worlds to enslave them. So you need to master your fighting skills in the process to fight these evil creatures.

You will start alone, with your initial character, and learn the most straightforward moves. And then, with new teammates by your side, you'll begin your heroic career. Once your team becomes so large that you will have to decide who is going to follow you on the mission. As for the controls, they are intuitive. Even if you have never played turn-based games like Fire Emblem Heroes, you’ll quickly make it out. 

With anime at the forefront, various heroes, and missions to discover with your team, Fire Emblem Heroes is going to become the kind of experience which you always dreamed of transferring from your Nintendo to your mobile phone.


Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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