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Monster Legends review

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Molly Johnson

Monster Legends review

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Want to dive into the thrill of the action-packed game? A strategy genre game where you can battle with the ultimate monster-fighting force is waiting for you. A PvP game Monster Legends is the right choice when you are ready to face the challenge from different players online. Monster Legends lets you build an army, then breed, feed, and train it to turn them into beasts finally!

How to become the Monster Master?

You don’t need isolation to play this game. This is a fully PvP experience pleasing you from fighting with other players. You can earn here various trophies and thus brighten up your chances of climbing up the leaderboard. The higher you are on the scoreboard, the better are your rewards.

If you want to become a legendary leader, you can play in the legendary league. It's a challenging task to become the number one Monster Master. But it's worth the effort! You will be able to unlock the Library or the Monster Lab by climbing up the leaderboard. You will also feel the quiet pleasure of the process of collecting and developing your monsters.

To evolve your monsters, first, you'll have to choose some, then place them in habitats, help them grow stronger, and when they are ready to battle lead them into a fight.

You can play alone in a single mode or become a part of a team. Everything is so simple: you have to defeat all other players and conquer the land to gain the title of the Monster Master. Your mighty monsters are going to unveil their unique skills, and you will use them in battles. The new species can be bred and trained as well. Apart from monster growing, you can collect different treasures and rewards. These trophies can help you to become more strategic and advanced in powering up your monsters. 

Monster Legends: user-friendly experience guaranteed

Graphics and sounds are both critical in this game. Monster Legends has excellent graphics indeed. Detailed representation of each character speaks for itself. A powerful background score is beneficial during the bouts. While you are defending your title of Monster Master, the dragons will try their best to crush their opponent in one-to-one combat. The game provides a satisfying experience concerning graphics and sounds.

The game controls in Monster Legends are simple and straightforward. You will find it easy to navigate through the game. Before you hit on fight button, it’s essential that you get it right with the team formation. Hit the Change button to select monsters that possess elemental affiliation beyond those of the enemy monsters. It is also easy to check on a monster’s particular skill. You have to tap on habitat > monster. The ‘items’ icon is located just below the ‘recharge’ button, and it allows you to choose special defense, healing, or attack items while battling.

Monsters Legends: it's time to play!

So, you are searching for an action-packed game, the instant at the same time, and somewhat creative? Then dive into Monsters Legends with its multiplayer mode engaging users all over the world. Here you can team up with your teammates and compete against other teams.  Becoming the Monster Master - isn't it an appealing prospect for such an experienced PvP gamer as you?

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 4

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 5

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