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NIV Bible review

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Molly Johnson

NIV Bible review

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NIV Bible is a custom application that’s designed to ake your Bible reading experience much more convenient and modern. The app lets you read the official New International Version originally translated by Biblica on your Windows desktop or laptop anytime you need the advice of the holy scripture. The app is available on Microsoft Store and provides the full version of the book for a single payment. If you have Windows Phone, you still can download it too, but you won’t receive updates as the system is out of support.

Interface – 5/5

The NIV Bible app has a modern clear interface that lets you navigate through books, chapters, and pages very fast. You can either use the app in the standard portrait mode or enable the landscape mode to swipe through the book in a slideshow format.

In addition, you can choose different themes to match the interface with your mood and taste. There are several common, plain, and premium themes for you to choose from. The developer used the basic Windows interface and combined it with some unique features to achieve the smoothest experience.

Functionality – 5/5

Using this application, you can read all the books of the NIV Bible, including Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. You can read all books in 2 modes or enable the built-in voice assistant to read them out loud. The settings let you choose from different male and female narrators. The app always remembers what you read so that you can return to the place where you stopped without the need to save your progress.

The app features a powerful search engine that lets you not only navigate the scripture using on-screen controls but also type in words in the search bar in order to find particular verses and mentions. At the same time, you can add any verse to the Favorites folder to read them later or share it with your friends and relatives via social networks or SMS.

The basis of the app is the full version of the New International Versio that was initially published in 1973 (The New Testament) and the full Bible in 1978. Besides, the app’s version includes the 2011 update, which is currently the latest.

Security – 5/5

The NIV Bible app is paid, but the payment isn’t conducted via the app, so your transaction and personal data are perfectly protected by Microsoft servers. In-app purchases, such as Premium themes, can be paid via your Microsoft account, which is a secure payment method too.

God’s Book in Your PC

Now you can download your favorite translation of the Holy Bible onto your desktop and laptop to read it anytime. This app is very convenient and intuitive, so you will easily understand how to use it even if you’re not an advanced user. It’s an app that I can recommend to everyone who believes.


  • Powerful search engine for finding verses
  • Voice assistant can read it out loud in different voices
  • Includes the 2011 update
  • Features all the books
  • You can add verses to Favorites and share


  • The Windows Phone version doesn’t get updates
  • Premium themes are paid

Interface 5

Features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 5

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