Review Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion. Finn and Jake are back in business

Animated series “adventure Time” is not just become popular among millions of viewers around the world. The creators of the history of the Land of OOO could through travel and dialogue Finn and Jake to tell many interesting stories, to laugh and make you think about important. If you watched all the series of this project, the new game will be a real gift. Now you are not just watching the eccentricities of the characters, but themselves participate in the events. We will need to fight monsters, to save his friends and defend the Kingdom from evil. What is not perfect motivation to win?

Gamers that the franchise is not touched, enjoy gorgeous virtual world with this set of fantastic creatures that make your head spin. Plus the difficult combat system, a full story and the opportunity to sail on the ship between the Islands and kingdoms. And do not think that if the game is created on motives of a cartoon, the gameplay is simple and easy to learn. Only the thought appears in your head as the next big boss will explain that here. Well, almost. It’s hard to be serious when you have a dog that turns into a boomerang, digger.

The storyline

The part about the story I will tell you quite a bit, so as not to spoil the feeling of those who are still planning to complete this game. Our story begins with a brief dialogue Finn, Jake and BMO — friends late at night talking about life. BMO decides to go to bed, while Jake’s brother reported the desire to stay out all night long, they have a ton of energy! After a moment, the two main characters already snore the whole district. The morning greets them very interesting news — all the flooded Land of OOO, BMO had disappeared. Jake, however, is not very worried about the loss of your friend, because he is good at swimming. This is logical, because BMO — player. An electronic device that floats. Caught the humor, Yes?

Our brave heroes go to the Ice King to find out what is the cause of the flood, but on the approach and so all is clear — the ice Kingdom is melting. After the dialogue with the King, we find that his crown has stopped working. Now instead of having to freeze all around, on the contrary, it heats up the glaciers. To examine the crown on the subject of failure does not work, because the King threw it away. Well, we have our fearless rescuers who are ready to go to a meeting adventures, and found guilty in all the crimes.

Really liked the dialogues. The writers wrote a very interesting story decided not to spoil the boring, monotonous stories. Here, literally in every remark you can hear jokes or any hints of it, and the narration itself does not allow to yawn. The characters are cheerfully thinking, tell something, sing, demonstrate his character and motivation. If you watched the animated series “Adventure time” the game will delight you with a lot of familiar faces — will we save Princess Bubblegum Bonnibel, will fight against the new forces of Luperci, we find a frightened footman Mint. For beginners, the storyline will be a good motivation to sit down and watch the series from the beginning.

I will also note the humor, which is quite a lot. He is funny and even appropriate. In modern games, this happens incredibly rarely. Don’t really remember a project in which it was possible to at least smile. Here are all the jokes made in the style of the cartoon itself, that is, without dirty and black humor, without profanity and move the line. BMO crashes when trying to high-five Finn, as the player, short handle, and the Finn early in the game gives that a gift ship in the mouth look. We just explain that to miss in this world no plans.

The virtual world

The game creators have a surprise to open the virtual world in which you can travel virtually without loading screens. Look at the screen with a book and a skull in the lower right corner (decoration, to make it not so boring) it is only necessary during the transition to land. That is, traveling in open sea on a boat you have no restrictions — you can overclock your ship and sail, gather resources big hand, Jake, shoot the pink octopus-mutant, or to fight with pirates on the high seas. And the need to catch a boat and sail in the right direction was very surprised. Many gamers thought we would give the standard boring fast movement, and then the real journey.
Yes, and the world is very interesting, multifaceted and beautiful. It is implemented in the original cartoon style, with its unconventional approach to everything. In the Candy Kingdom all built from sweets, doughnuts laid out everywhere and all sorts of Goodies, there is even a river of some sweet red liquid. In the Ice Kingdom you can meet the hefty icicles and funny penguins, which occasionally need to search the world and bring back the glaciers. The designers really wanted to please the gamer and paid attention to such detail that even attention did not pay. The implementation of such a large open location deserves a special praise.

The combat system

Battles play a critical role in Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion. The enemies on our way there quite often, and beat them with pressing one button will not work. Need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each hero, learn how to combine their skills, right use of potions and stuff like that. Quite often the battles take five minutes or more, and abandon the fight impossible. This means that you can run directly during the battle you can, but pass the storyline without meeting with ill-wishers will not work. And why evade the enemy side, if you can come and win?

Fight takes place in steps, so you are given plenty of time to make decisions. No restrictions on duration of course not, do you have a minute to sit down and watch the skills of the characters. This is a big plus, because we came here to play, not to train the skills strategy. When you give your character, you can do several actions. They are shown at the top of the screen, you only need to switch between them. There is also a button “Run”, which requires two units of energy. Not really sure why, because in case of defeat you can just download the game from your last save and try again. But, the opportunity you have.

Next is the menu icon special skills. Each character they own, plus the use of such skills requires team energy. It is one at all, so you need to allocate it correctly at the right moment it was possible to inflict maximum damage. Finn, for example, has an ice sword, which severely hit and have a chance to freeze the enemy. Cool a skill that uses not so much energy, but is suitable only for fights against one or two characters, when freezing a single enemy can take advantage of.

Jake’s skills are completely different — he has almost every skill is aimed at a mass defeat of enemies. For example, he spins and hits the monsters with your palms or turns into a boomerang and deals damage to multiple targets. This is a very cool ability for case a lot of enemies in one fell swoop and need to give head from a pair of triple objectives. You need to try each of the special skills to understand how they work, and then try to most effectively activate them in battle. Just throwing skills are not necessary, as energy is typed very slowly — a unit for one turn.

The next icon there is an attack, everything is simple — you only need to define the goal, and the hero himself will cause damage. However, sometimes it makes no sense. Finn and Marceline cause a lot of damage, but BMO’s best to use to find the weaknesses of your enemy or energy recovery. Of course, if you see that the enemy is stunned or frozen, the better each of his warrior to send into the attack. Not everyone in our group highly byot, but if the entire cohort to chip in to the enemy’s blow, you get a good hit.

After the attack we have is the inventory icon of the. You can directly in combat to use all sorts of potions to restore health, the resurrection of the defeated enemy and improve its performance. There is a little trick — not always a good idea to treat your character, you can let him die, and then resurrect potion. Personally, I have bottles for the treatment of health is not always enough, but the resurrection is full of cupcakes. Better to save the restoration of life and use the same resource, which you have in abundance. In addition, in the game there are a ton of various potions for protection from certain elements, stuns, and only in this direction. It’s all there in the store, but in the beginning to spend money on it I would not recommend it.

The last paragraph of our capabilities in battle took on a secondary function. Finn and Jake there is a protection mode that allows you to take less damage. Marceline is a vampire, so she can restore their health, and BMO can raise the energy level of the whole team.

However, it doesn’t stop there — our heroes are still super-punch! Near the avatar characters at the bottom of the screen has a light blue color. It is filled after receiving damage from enemies. When the band starts to blink and the turn will pass to the desired character, you press F on the keyboard and do wild damage. Finn my hand, shoots at a target and blows a lot of lives, Jake turns into an excavator and rams from all targets. Is gently used a super-hit, sometimes it’s better to save it for a particularly powerful monster.

A lot of the enemies here, they are all different and have special ways to attack. Someone has needles, someone deals devastating damage with a spear, but some enemies are not stocked in pairs and includes to battle a Horde. Separate praiseworthy conditional bosses — they are not allocated in isolation from all of the enemies, but they have much more health and there is a whole set of skills. Such fight is much more interesting, but also tricky at times.

Side quests

Secondary objectives in this game are not only a way to earn more money but a better way to learn the history of the Land of OOO. All side quests are marked with a blue post over the character’s head that it provides. You just need to come and talk. Sometimes we are asked to find and bring some items directly to this location, but there are task of finding the marshmallows or little penguins around the world. To fulfill them is not necessary, and it generally does not affect the storyline, but sometimes you want to escape from fights and find something interesting. And, again, the gold is not excessive — improvements are expensive, especially if you try to invest in all our team members.

Improvement of heroes

In the course of the game, you will need to enhance their characters. The process is very interesting and requires some attention from gamers, because of the characteristics of the heroes a chance to win in the next battle. Improves the Finn, Jake and the rest of the members of the order for gold coins, which is not always enough. It is therefore necessary to actively beat cupcakes, and other eye-catching elements to undergo side-job and smash with the axe chain on the chests. This will give you additional funds to develop their characters and enemies to defeat will be much easier.

All the characters have five parameters, in which we will invest. First, the number of health points. There is nothing strange, just from the level of the spell will increase the stock of lives the character. Then we have the dodging. The higher the pumping of this parameter, the better your chance to evade enemy attacks and not take damage. Important point, but it is not clear how it works. Pumped in the last turn, as enemies very rarely miss on our adventure.

The next element of the opposite — accuracy. Works like evasion, only now it’s our chance to hit the enemy increases. Sometimes the enemies actually evade attacks, which is very unpleasant. Setting is quite important, especially for Finn and Marceline, because they do normal attacks most of the damage. But the pump it is on all the characters, to more powerful enemies could fight all of our characters. The next characteristic is the attack. Also everything is extremely simple, and health. The last point affects the level of protection. From Marceline installed instead of armor regeneration. Also an important point in a battle you can win a lot of time this way.

A small guide — download first damage, then health points, then the armor, and then accuracy and evasion. And, of course, to develop the characters evenly is to invest in one character is not worth it.

In a separate menu of upgrades for special abilities of characters. Finn, for example, hits the enemy with an ice sword, which he presented at the beginning of the storyline. Jake turns and hits it with the palms all nearby enemies, and Marceline actually deals a ton of damage and pojivaet of the enemy. Improvement of these skills are expensive, so dealing with them is only after pumping the main parameters. In a fight skill, you can inflict a lot of damage to activate special skills need energy. It was not enough, so to deal a severe blow of the fire axe can only once or twice per battle. But forget about this element of the combat system is also impossible.


Periodically in the game you will meet characters who in the opinion of Finn and Jake have valuable information to our investigation. In a simple dialogue to extract data does not work, so the characters satisfied with the questioning. It’s something like a mini-game called “interrogation” where we need to show all their ingenuity and cunning. At the beginning of each meeting the characters will be something to tell, and these dialogues is to listen and learn, then we need them. In addition, our heroes will also give some hints on the strategy of questioning. Only then begins the process of fighting for secrets.

In the upper right corner will be drawn four segments — good and evil Finn, plus good and evil Jake. For these segments spinning arrow, and you need to choose the right moment and press activate. Just click on the button no, it won’t work. We must act wisely. Some of the characters very depressed and don’t want to reveal, so you need them to yell and cheer. Others are angry and need of praise. Your task is to understand the mood of the media, and then to extract valuable information.

Typically, the “victory” need to properly get in the mood of the character. Carefully read the dialogue before questioning, and then delve into the essence heard in the process of mini-games. Nothing complicated about it, the writers always make it clear what you need from our heroes. Then the case for small — two times to put pressure on the interviewee, or the same amount of time to praise. If you succeed, you will get important data for further investigation. To achieve a complete failure, I failed, although a couple of times acted completely wrong. Fortunately, the game gives you the right to be wrong.


The developers managed to release a game without bugs, freezes and problems with quests. This is a big plus, because even AAA projects at the time of the release of “pleasing” crashes, lockups, broken scripts, quests and other minor issues. Here we have an open world and lots of small mechanic, but everything works perfectly. However, the downside is, and he is in the localized language. The fact that the product interface is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.
Another thing is that Adventure Time: the Enchiridion Pirates of the voiced exclusively in English. There are subtitles, but you can choose only among the five languages mentioned above. This means that if you want to fully enjoy the storyline, characters and jokes all sorts of references to the cartoon, you need to know English at least at intermediate level. Jake says with a rather strange accent, some of the characters it is more like a Creek, so even with the subtitles sometimes do not understand everything. Of course, this game will not be complicated turns and specialized vocabulary, but if you do not know English, to understand the plot will be difficult.

Total: 9/10

The author of the review is not an ardent fan of the cartoon “adventure Time”, but to break away from the passage of the storyline was unrealistic. The story develops very rapidly, but we’re always given a break from the fights and heal characters, improve them, pass minor jobs and learn about this world more interesting details. A large outdoor virtual world carries their secrets — you can spend hours wandering on the locations and look for cards with the designation of the treasures, fight new enemies, find entertainment for the soul. I advise you not to hurry and not get ahead of ourselves, better explore locations gradually, without undue haste.

The only drawback was the absence of Russian localization was forced to remove one point from the total score, but did not want to do that. The project is really cool and original — this schedule you will not see anywhere else. And with the imagination of the developers obviously no problem. In what other game you will fight with cucumbers on a pirate ship? The project brings a lot of positive emotions and very profitable looks at the background of the larger projects this summer. Suitable for adult users who are already cartoons one hundred years of not watching, and the younger generation, who knows foreign languages.


  • interesting story;
  • difficult combat mechanics;
  • a variety of enemies;
  • open world;
  • travel by boat;
  • funny jokes;
  • vivid characters.

May not like:

  • game based on the cartoon;
  • a rating of 7+.

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