Review Monster Hunter: World. Grind and a little story

Monster Hunter was released on consoles PS4 and Xbox One still on January 26, 2018, and before PC got only 9 Aug. During this time, gamers have managed to play thousands of hours to fill up the darkness monsters, and developers bring a lot of money for the further development of the franchise. For ardent fans of the series Monster Hunter, the novelty has become the undisputed game of the year, but other gamers are met the project is not so warm and happy. The company Capcom decided to almost completely abandon the story and made the biggest emphasis on gameplay component. Let’s see whether this will be enough to enjoy the new virtual world.

The storyline

Before the game we show is quite good and emotional cut-scene with characters that are fun to drink beer (or something) of the big wooden glasses. Laughter, conversations, everywhere there are tables piled high with Goodies, and friends cute cats running around in the armor. The characters communicate with each other and discuss the exciting journey to a new world populated by dangerous monsters. Too happily our companions feel before likely a horrible death at the paws and fangs of the big unseen animals. However, they have a good purpose — to explore the “population” of a distant world to survive.

Our hero is part of the expedition, though at the time of launch experience no more than a baby. But we are told clearly that we are not just the colonizers, and part of a great idea of saving all living things. It sounds pathetic, but here all further dialogues and cut scenes in this vein and served. The writers we constantly repeat that we are not some random guy and an important cog in a complex machine. This creates an even greater contrast with the storyline, which is practically nonexistent.

Yes, you will be surprised, but the work of the aforementioned writers on dialogue almost over. At the beginning of the end of the campaign tell us about the purpose for which he came into this world, and then briefly explain the next steps. All the rest of the story elements consist of incredibly few lines between the main character and some important characters and a huge number of similar tasks to tame another monster. No drama, complicated plot twists or fascinating history. Here it’s implemented just for the record, that you would understand why the character left to fight a monster the size of a nine-house.

It may seem strange that a Japanese company has created a game in which there is an attention to detail of the plot, but actually this is normal. The Monster Hunter series has been published for a very long time, but the developers did not focus on the plot. Fans loved the franchise for the opportunity to fight cool monsters, crafting and challenging combat system, while a story written for a tick, not a big problem. And it is impossible to write a serious script for the project, in which gamers need only 40-60 hours on the main tasks, not to mention side-quests.

Character creation and kitty

An important element of any RPG, especially from a Japanese developer, is the process of character creation. Gamers love to create cool avatars that resemble themselves in real life, or realize the ultimate fantasy. In Monster Hunter World, that’s all good, though, to fall into the customization level Sims developers do not have. For which they thank you. On the main menu you can choose the gender of your character, then hair color, face shape, vegetation on the face and much more. Next you will be asked to submit the name of the hero, and here I would advise not to joke and to write something adequate.
Then give us the task to create the appearance of your pet. Cat. Also a very fascinating process, during which was moved, how the designers thought through even such a minor element of gameplay. The satellite also need to give a name, but it is already possible not to break the head. The thing is that when searching for satellites in a battle or game in co-op, and we’ll talk again, your nick will be shown to the other players. Don’t know about you, but I would “Washinginton” to go to the RAID did not. The name of the cat, unfortunately, flicker not so much.


The gameplay project is very much like MMORPG games like Lineage 2 or WoW. In the beginning our hero without a penny in his pocket goes to weak opponents, then get experience with resources, improve their equipment and goes for the new enemies. In this vein, “the monster” and works — gamers need to perform tasks on search and destroy weak creatures, then to improve weapons and armor, and then move on to more dangerous foes. Actually, this is gameplay of the product — 98% of the time you will track down monsters to kill or tame them, and then upgrade the axe or the sword and repeat the procedure.
Sounds not very attractive, and if you’re a staunch opponent of the hated word grind, then this game is definitely pass by. However, the developers did not just brought the franchise to the global level and collect millions of dollars in sales. The process of hunting this project is implemented with the most fun, and to defeat the monster so hard that at the very beginning of the storyline will kick you in the head and sent for treatment. This only encourages gamers to explore a virtual world to train, try and experiment with the environment.

Let’s start with the fact that tracking down a dangerous goal is not so simple — you need to look for paw prints on the ground, and then to follow them (watch where you point the toes) and after five minutes of running through forests or mountains to find his enemy. To attack immediately is not recommended, the monster is not going anywhere. It is better to spend a few moments to study the scene. For example, it is necessary to find a couple of ledges and hiding places, note to myself all sections with rocks, water surface, high clump of grass and so on. Only after that charged potions (if you have them) and go for the kill.

Local monsters darkness special abilities, tactics and modes of attack. To learn all even for a couple of meetings with “comrade” will not work, so sometimes you need to react instantly to changes and to adapt to the opponent. Be stupid and beat in the face will not work — you need to Dodge attacks that come from the side or from behind and hit the tail or some other part of the body, then again to leave the line of fire. The goal is to lure into traps, stun lock attack, knock down, sweeping blow of the spear and so on. Yes, and all the environment to your advantage also to use do not forget — you can jump onto the mountain and attack the monster before it rises to you, or to throw him a pile of stones. There is still blinding balls, smashing that goal you won’t be seen.

It is necessary to examine the weaknesses of every creature, so that in the future faster to destroy the target. For example, the method of “spear” you will learn that this monster is afraid of bumps in the tail, and the other does not tolerate the hit to the head. We remember it and move on. All these features will be recorded in your book, which can at any time to access and read, but all these details quickly remember and the need for paper is eliminated. If you made a mistake and the enemy has caused too much damage, you can retreat, heal, change weapons, if your choice was not very appropriate, and to return to the fray.

This implies the formula for the success of the Monster Hunter World. Player do hunt, it’s not a banal cleansing of the location by means of two strokes of the axe. Need to prepare before going to goal, examine strengths and weaknesses, to pick up equipment, after which hunt down the enemy and learn the location. Then begins the real Orgy of strikes, blocks, evasion and special attacks, which can last tens of minutes. I’m not kidding — even at an early stage to murder the monster you need to spend 15-20 minutes. Only after hundreds of combinations and accurate shots you can carve the carcass of the beast, to collect the necessary resources to go home. It is difficult and wildly exciting.


With the imagination of the developers is clearly no problem — even scary to imagine how it was possible such to invent and draw. That big lizard with a huge inflatable belly rolls on the ground and cause lots of damage, that kind of thing on two legs with a purple tongue and bulging eyes attacking. Likely to create monsters used the mythology and groundwork of the previous parts, as the variety of living creatures here are really worthy. All the enemies look interesting, they definitely worked harder than over all other elements of the product have their own unique characteristics, skills, battle tactics.
It is important to note that this game is not strip the health of the monster. That is, you attack with each attack you can see that the health points subtracted (orange and grey numbers), but the beast no indicators of life there. You can understand the state of the enemy just by their appearance — he can escape to heal, to fall on his feet and fly away. This element further complicates the process of passing jobs, as you never know how long it takes to poke colossus in the side. On the other hand, the gamer just has to study the habits of each species, to know at what point you have to actively finish the goal.

During the passage of the you with different kinds of monsters will meet several times. The Foundation of a Grinda, when to upgrade the weapons or armor needed resource, and it is produced only destroy a creature. It is worth studying the wildlife, its habits and weaknesses to be in the future quickly complete tasks and accumulate the necessary items for crafting. For some people it sounds very boring, I know, but in fact the process is very, very exciting.


In most games the weapon is opened in the course of the storyline or higher character level, but here, the developers did not do so. Gamers give all the weapons right at the start. You are free to choose the type of cold weapons, which will go into a battle and it’s really interesting. All in the game there’re 14 types of military equipment, and in each case its strengths and weaknesses. For example, a heavy ax does a lot of damage, but threaten them for a long time and it’s easy to miss the mark, and the bow in the aiming mode do not allows you to quickly evade attacks from monsters.
It is important that the game itself nothing is said. The creators of “monster Hunter” do not like something we can explain, and about the features of the Arsenal more than any words can say. All you need to try out on your own — take a bow and go into battle. Then the sword with a shield, crossbow, axe. After two dozen jobs comes to understanding how the particular type of weapon, how they managed, and in what situations it is better to use anything. Experienced gamers choose their favorite option and only fighting with him, so, too, is interesting and does not need to spend resources on the development of the entire Arsenal immediately.

To any type of weapon will need to get used to. You can be very steep with the archery, but successful battles will have to train, try and experiment. Stupid to stand still and shoot you will not allow anyone, believe me. After two or three dozen jobs a large part of the Arsenal gamers usually discards and uses actively only some part, to better train the hands and right to fight. It’s not Dark Souls of course, but the tactics to use variations of the Arsenal radically different from each other. It’s not just specifications and numbers, and a truly unique weapon.


Almost every role-playing game with the development of his character you get the chance to influence its characteristics. In some projects you invest points in strength, dexterity, intelligence, and stuff like that, the other character automatically with higher level gets the growth parameters. Surprisingly, in the Monster Hunter World you have no influence on the performance of the character. There simply is no such item in menu — you can’t in the process of passing to add character points of strength or make it more nimble. It’s very strange, but the developers have gone through improvements through equipment.

The whole process of upgrade your warrior, you’ll play for using the transit of weapons and equipment. Gained the right amount of resources — improved bow have more damage to inflict and stuff like that. Improvements are so many, they all give advantages, but disadvantages too, no doubt, so a single path of development there. You need to experiment, to try different branches of improvements and “test” result in combat. To obtain the most optimal variant of armor and weapons is possible only through trial and error, fortunately the game allows us to step on a rake an endless number of times. Although, of course, in the course of the story missions are not constantly feeling that you need to go to menu and add points to strength or dexterity.

On the other hand, the developers have implemented so interesting pumping equipment, what to call this feature of the project the disadvantage is simply impossible. Each part of armor has its own unique features — increase in damage or attack speed, extra damage or protection from the elements and so on. Some “rags” even increase the chances of loss of resources or their number, which is very useful at all stages. Some talent items can be added on. It only increases the interest of gamers to the extraction of resources, as collecting the same bonus is very difficult, but worth it.


Give us the ability to fight monsters alone, but with the company of companions or a casual user of the network. The entire team can be four people, meaning you and three, but the fight is better with friends. The game is very complex and requires from the gamers joint action of combinations of attacks, and to realize all these mechanics without constant communication will not work. Together, you can distribute the role — someone from far away while dealing damage, while you absorb the attack big monster and trying not to die. Of course, to score four of the enemy much easier and faster than poking the same opponent with a single spear.
To fight in the company of unfamiliar users is much harder. The game itself will pick you allies with the same level, so you can fight together. Only here everything depends on chance and your luck — is adequate to meet gamers who want to win as quickly as possible and to go further, but often gets and lovers of fun. With such take the job only harder, help usually do not wait. But, the function works fine online allows you to find comrades in arms in no time and then you can fight with another incredible evil.


How would not like to praise a product, but flaws abound here. Most of them are small, but they also have weight. Let’s start with the fact that the project is horribly optimized on PC and on consoles. Even on Xbox One X users have complained about FPS drops below 30, to say nothing of less powerful consoles. On the PC the picture is not very joyful — iron, launching The Crew 2 on the ultra, here often gives less than 60 FPS. But there is no open world and incredibly beautiful graphics! I would even say that the picture of the “Monster Hunter” is more like MMORPG five years ago, with the exception of lighting and some effects.

It is not like how developers are trained gamer. More precisely, this mechanics is not. You will learn everything on their own, after numerous attempts. For example, I did about an hour fighting monsters with a bow and with great difficulty got, since the game didn’t want to tell me about the ” V ” key, which activates the fire. The same can be said about virtually any element of the project — you either know yourself, or subtract thematic Wikipedia. If it was a casual game with a few opponents, it would be possible to close eyes to this deficiency. However, we have darkness enemies, a huge set of potions, equipment, resources and locations. Inexperienced gamers just get stuck in a ton of important information.

Total: 6/10

All games with a rating more than 5 points can be considered an excellent solution for purchasing, if you are a fan of the genre and want something new. Monster Hunter World, we have set even more, as more positive moments than negative. The developers take gamers content in the later stages of the game when you already learn all the enemies and will fight again and again for another skin to then improve the weapons and get cool bonuses. This game reminded me of Destiny 2, only Capcom without luchboxes and donation. That is, the emphasis is on hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of active transmission and constant battles.
Review Monster Hunter: World. Grind and a little story
That’s just to get to the coveted end-game content will not everyone. The game is very unfriendly — the awkward menu and descriptions of equipment down to sense almost immediately. All new mechanics, features enemies or plot the components of the (incredibly few) dumped on the player in the form of a blade of the text or teaching tips. We came here to fight, or books to the library to read? And don’t think that the author is lazy. No, the story in text form is interesting and relevant, but here you need to read too much.

If you have a group of friends that wants to spend all evenings in a row for battles with different kinds of monsters and have fun during fights, then definitely you need to take. Even if you are familiar with the series were not. For single player Monster Hunter: World is suitable only in the case if you like to read a lot, study, paging through the Internet in search of relevant information. Fans of the story, diversity or convenient control of the game to recommend, no way.


  • large locations;
  • complex combat system;
  • Arsenal available immediately after the launch;
  • no Donata and boxes;
  • you can play co-op;
  • a huge variety of monsters.

May not like:

  • the plot for a tick;
  • not quite easy management on your PC;
  • mediocre graphics;
  • training in the form of text;
  • poor optimization;
  • grind, grind and again grind.

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