Review The Crew 2. Welcome to Motornation

To part one of The Crew fans had any questions. Physics was far from perfect, were present small bugs and flaws. Nothing critical could not be found, but gamers wanted more realistic physics and more content. We all love a huge Arsenal of vehicles, so you can get lost in the names and characteristics. The second part of the franchise got a serious upgrade on all fronts — cars began to go more natural, kinds of models, plus added water, and air modes of transport. Yes, Ubisoft made a small revolution in the market of racing games.
Thus, the main advantages of the series have not gone away. This is a fascinating arcade racing with a big open world and cooperative. If you enjoyed “pioneer”, then The Crew 2 will please more — are all noticeably better. Supercars felt nicer graphics became juicier and brighter, the weather conditions look even more attractive. Bugs or problems with the management too has not been noticed so that you can right from release to launch a product and enjoy. The virtual world is so multifaceted that even an avid fan of the genre of racing simulators will be pleasantly surprised.

The plot

The writers tried to give the gamer an interesting story with motivations, dialogue and proper development. It turned out quite well, especially when you consider that this game, which is more important than the actual gameplay, not narrative history. In the beginning of the game we are given the opportunity to choose a main character.
There are many options and this character then would be on the videos, the cutscenes, you can see it driving, so be sure to browse all alternatives and choose the most interesting. On the right will be the slogan of each character, but this, again, does not affect gameplay.

Next, we show the cut-scene where the tough guy from Live Xtream tells our mechanics about the features of race. Our character is a young run, so he is important not just to win but to do it nicely, cool and pompous. More jumping!

Actually, this is the exposition of the main theme of the story — you start to drive with no fans, money and respect from colleagues. You have to climb from the bottom and prove that you are the coolest racer on this planet. Important detail — all the videos in Russian language, the characters convey information in an interesting, with a small proportion of humor and without too much pathos. A trifle, but nice.

Types of races

To group the types of races in The Crew 2 was problematic, as their varieties are too many. Relatively speaking, the game can be divided into classic racing, off-road races and competitions in the air/on the water. However, each of these items can be broken on some categories. Classic races consist of street racing, race on muscle cars and drifting. Off-road racing is divided into races on the jeeps, buggies and motorcycles. Tournaments in the air carried on a conventional aircraft or helicopters, and water “the struggle” will allow you to not only steer a racing boat. The diversity is so great that just to cover all would be difficult.

Even the developers are pushing to ensure that you first tried each discipline separately and then chose what you like the most. You want to drive on the streets of new York? Yes please. Can generally about the lack of roads to forget and to fight only in this type of racing. Want a change — just open the map and select something else. Particularly active gamers can gradually develop in all directions, systematically raising your level in all disciplines and leagues. It’s hard, because you have to constantly readjust to other “rules of the game”, but fun is much more.

In each discipline you will have your own transport. That is not to buy one cool supercar and then drive it in all types of competitions. This game is a little similar to Need For Speed: PayBack. An interesting element of gameplay, because you need for each discipline separately purchased transportation, improve it and distribute the funds. If you see that on the streets you have no equal, it is better to buy a faster jeep to chase in the mountains, or to invest in the boat. Micromanagement in a racing simulator — cool!


The main problem of the first part was just physics. Yes, there were minor bugs and minor flaws, but most players did not like the behavior of vehicles on the road. The Crew 2 the situation was corrected, although the “arcade” is still here. The developers never planned to create the complex mechanics that the player was forced to change the tire pressure and damping to calculate the entry into the turns and learn the track before leaving. This is a racing simulator for those who wants to relax and get bright emotions, based on what was studied the physics of cars, boats and planes.

On asphalt the car behave naturally — if you accelerate to 200 km/h and abruptly you enter a turn, get ready to say Hello to all the obstacles in its path. Or even fly off the track. With adequate behavior on the track everything works fine — a little letting go of the gas before the turn, you can even slightly slow down, drift and drown the gas pedal. More and nitro will add, to heighten acceleration. A particularly daring riders can use the hand brake, and nice to drift on turns. I tried a couple of times was very impressive.

Rally and generally chase on the road like even more. Here is your race shows itself in all its glory. Sharp gas pulls the ground from under the wheels, on the slopes of the heavy jeep is forward, just need time to get away from the trees on the way, plus a gorgeous jumping off a cliff. Personally, I liked to ride on a dirt road on large off-road vehicles and motorcycles, although the buggy is also well-proven.

To manage the boat is also nice — powerful motor allows to develop high speed and directly cut the water surface. No problems with water competition haven’t noticed, there to win even easier. The main rule is not changed before the reset rotation speed, and then accelerates on straight stretches. The Ctrl button on the keyboard changes the mode of operation of the engine, which we begin to sail considerably faster, but also to control the “boat” becomes more difficult.

Planes for me personally were a great surprise. First, it is very unusual element for a racing simulator. Second, the flight was very exciting and easy, but if you’re a fan of cool tricks in the air, it is possible to land not to go down.


Tuning was never a key element in this racing franchise. Fans want to project a large colorful world and a lot of activities with friends, while the upgrade usually goes by the wayside. Although this element is implemented very decently and can compete even with direct competitors like Need For Speed. Can be divided pumping transport into two parts — the ornamental and “iron”. That is, you can make your supercar more beautiful and more spectacular, but about the refinement of the engine with the clutch you shouldn’t forget. Although the appearance of the car or the boat does not affect the performance speed or control, we love the game through the eyes, so they must be good.
External changes auto consists of three elements — painting, graphics, and styling. With the first point is clear. You choose the color of your “beast”, and then choose the type of paint (gloss, matte finish, metallic and so on). The diversity of the palette is impressive, you can repaint the car into something attractive. With pictures too, everything is clear — the lights on the doors, all kinds of decorative items, beautiful patterns and stuff like that. Personally, I’m not a big fan of jewelry, but it’s a matter of taste.

The third point is most important. The styling allows you to change a car body, for this you need credits or virtual dollars. That is, all the previous design elements you have changed only for the gaming dollars that are earned in races, and then enters into force and the second currency. In-game credits can be obtained for a change of grade (from “beginner” to “popular” give 10 thousand loans) and for real money. This means that if you want to put a chic hood or spoiler the entire width of the car, but you don’t have enough bucks, you need to invest real rubles or actively to raise the level of popularity of his character. Fortunately, this happens very rarely, almost never.

The “iron” part is responsible for the pumping engine and other components of your pet. All the improvements in this section are available only after you find them after the victory in the race. This means that you first need to ride around the tracks, win, collect improvement (they resemble egg-shaped boxes), and then go home and pump car. All of the improvements divided by quality. The usual “recipes” give a small performance boost, rare allow you to defeat enemies without much difficulty.


Nobody will be surprised if I say that the graphics of this game will satisfy even the most avid connoisseur of photorealism. You have been sun glare and General lighting at the locations, looks gorgeous rain, dirt and dust. Cool all of these effects are felt at high speed when the car (or boat/airplane) “in the sky”, everything becomes blurry and the screen get small particles of sea foam, grass from under the wheels or dirt. This allows more deeply immersed in the virtual world and directly experience their participation in the competition.

The virtual world

If you’ve never played The Crew, then you will be very surprised by the vastness of the virtual world of this racing simulator. The second part has the same dimensions, only the key cities were seriously altered. You have the opportunity to travel across America without restrictions and loading screens. Card the size of a continent ready for exploits of newly minted riders who are already pushing the pedal to the floor. Literally you can take off road (and on any other transport, too) and go along the USA. You can cross the country diagonally or drive along the coastline to fly from new York to Miami by plane, to surf the water spaces on the boat.

First, this feature of the virtual world does not seem very important. Then, when delving into the possibilities of the project, it significantly changes the thrill of racing. For example, you can get to your competition just by clicking on the map with the mouse. Or set a marker, take your supercar and drive to the destination yourself. The presence of random events, which are pretty much not bored in the way, plus it is possible to make a little money.

In addition, an open world in a racing simulator allows you to easily and simply fun to ride. It’s perfect for relaxation. Vast expanses with very different territories allow you to push on the gas and look at how the changing environment. Sometimes you want to relax from the adrenaline and total control over his vehicle. Ride for fun, not victory. Jumps thus abound, and long distances between large cities are given the opportunity to accelerate the car. It’s not the most important thing in The Crew 2, but as an additional option for hanging out — very exciting.

If you surf the vast expanses of the USA you don’t really want, let’s turn our attention to the map. It is noted here that large cities, which often are the main competitions, plus there are lots of small labels and your home. Yes, our hero has not had ten thousand fans to score, and he’s already across America personal apartments. I wish a life like that. Main races marked with large icons in the color of a particular type of competition. Smaller events are also marked, but some of them can be seen only if you are next.

The majority of small events — a different kind of test. For example, you need to drive at a certain speed or for the time to break away from the target at the desired distance. If you take the job, then the expense drops a little money. Resources not so much to hard to do achievements, but sometimes you want to entertain yourself with such tasks. For a variety of locations and the enormous size of the virtual world developers should be praised. Maybe the big city isn’t so detailed, but it’s you and not GTA to the clubs and to go shopping.


Originally a hallmark of the series, The Crew were cooperative. You could go with friends to the game and can pass along some tasks, just drive across the map, to fight in the race and so on. In the first part of it was implemented well, it has now become even better. You can play big team, or together with a friend, if a whole team of riders did not pick up. And it allows you to assess the race with a completely different side. Just take a SUV or motorcycles and go through the deserts and mountains in a journey, race, crash into each other, jump from the cliffs, set new records and go through random assignment. It’s really fun.

In addition, the game doesn’t tie you to a mate session. You come to the game with friends and can go about their business. Someone had to get on a plane and make a loop, someone wants to jump on trampolines, and you have that fire in the eyes and a lot of money on tuning. Everyone does what he wants, but at any moment you can invite your friends to compete for the next track. And will not have to wait until they connect to the network, it happens instantly. To find fault with the cooperative do not, it is one of the best elements of the second part.


You know, the last time to criticize AAA projects has become very difficult. Either the developers have learned to do well, or the current level of game development has grown so much that major gaps currently have no one allows. Almost. This game also appeared a delicate situation, because to find noticeable problems with game mechanics or bugs I failed. But there are some little things that maybe cons The Crew and 2 do not apply, but to mention them costs.

Let’s start with the donation. Yes, he is here, but do not immediately scroll to the comments for angry opinion. Ubisoft knows what to do not worth it. The developers have very cleverly. All the cars or the tuning of the game you can buy for dollars and credits. And both currencies can be earned in battles, you are not forced to invest. However, if you do not have enough money for a new supercar, and now I want to get it, you can go to Uplay and buy credits for real money. If you have the time and inclination, then fight, gain viewers, and will give you mountain of currency. If no time, then you can buy it all for real money. The choice for the player.

The second point, which was annoying during the passage is in a strange menu restart the match. We are all human and sometimes overshoot the turn or to hit the enemy right in the middle of the race. In such situations, we usually press the Esc instantly click “Restart race” and again try to win. Here you need to press B on the keyboard, which looks quite illogical, then hold down “Again” and wait until the band comes to the end. The process takes a couple of seconds, nothing more, but occasionally on the machine, press Esc, and nothing happens. It’s sad.

In addition, I never found the possibility to put the race on pause. Here you ride in a street race, getting ahead, and you are suddenly the courier at the door or an urgent need to ward off the cat from the sofa. Want to pause? The creators of The Crew 2 I think that you can’t do that, need to drive to the end, or start over. Even the menu via the B button the pause function is not. Like a trifle, but a couple of times it is specifically spoil the mood of the passage. It’s not multiplayer, but single race, why not pause?

Total: 9/10

Have Ubisoft managed to create a fun arcade race, which will delay you for a long time. I can’t tell you how many hours of game time here content, but if you’re not in the race for ten hours per day, for three months of classes, you just enough. This is an important advantage of modern AAA games, because once you pay for the product, and then dozens of hours conquering a virtual world. Considering the variety of vehicles, tuning, racing, locations and activities, bored gamer will not be exact. Especially if you have company at least one friend who also likes to jump on trampolines and flushing the gas pedal in the mountains or forests.
Review The Crew 2. Welcome to Motornation
And any serious shortcomings of the project either, which can not but rejoice. Optimization at a decent level, even on an average PC you can get higher graphic settings and a stable FPS, on consoles the picture is also quite tasty. No need to wait for patches, to fight in street races, the game crashes and no hangs, no problems with the download of locations or improvements of vehicles. But if you have a wheel or dial to control the car or plane, make yourself comfortable — the developers have implemented support for most controllers.

We took off half the points for having the donation, which though not affecting gameplay, but its presence in a paid game someone may not like. Plus half of the score taken away for the terrible reflection in the rear view mirrors and the inability to pause or go to menu settings right out of the race. I think that assessment has turned out a fair — almost ideal, but a little bit is not enough.


  • a huge range of vehicles;
  • land, water and air events;
  • hundreds of competitions;
  • realistic physics;
  • beautiful graphics;
  • a wide range of options for tuning;
  • storyline;
  • co-op mode;
  • support controllers.

May not like:

  • Donat;
  • race track, outdoor (easy to fly);
  • go to menu extremely difficult;
  • you cannot put the race on pause;
  • terrible reflection in the mirror.

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