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Secret Neighbor review

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Patricia Curtis

Secret Neighbor review

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Secret Neighbor is an exciting multiplayer horror game where a group of six friends came to the Neighbor’s house to rescue their mate from the creepy cellar of the Neighbor. The main catch of the game is that one of the kids is a traitor whom the children must figure out during the game.

Graphics 5/5

In this game, literally in every location, there is a darkness of details, rooms, doors, boxes, books, and everything that complements the mysterious atmosphere. Also, the developers cared about the lighting of the rooms and streets. When the main character occurs in the darkened locations, there are lamps and lights that help to orient a little bit. This is a great add up to the gameplay.

You will have a flashlight too, which helps to lighten the room and may work as a protection tool. The elaboration of locations is at a high-level and makes you enjoy the setting of the cartoon.

Controls 5/5

Secret Neighbor's controls requirements reflect a PC configuration that allows you to run the game without noticeable performance drops – with a comfortable FPS (frames per second) and adequate loading speed.

Game Plot 4/5

Secret Neighbor is a shareware cooperative first-person action horror game set in the Hello Neighbor universe. This particular release takes place between the first and second acts of the original game. A group of children tries to sneak into the basement of a well-known suspicious neighbor to bravery rescue their mysteriously missing friend. 
The main catch is that one of the guys is not who he claims to be, but a disguised neighbor. His mission is to curry favor with other players and then betray them.

Plus two options for the Neighbor. Each character has a unique skill: for example, the leader can temporarily speed up all the children in a certain radius around him; and the scout carries a slingshot.

The neighbor knows how to set traps, disguise himself as children, and throw smoke bombs – in general, harm children in every possible way.

Worth a Repay? 5/5

Should you play Secret Neighbor? It depends on how much you like social asymmetric horror games, where the result of the match depends on the teamwork. In the game, you can have fun with a bunch of friends.

Develop your Teamwork Skills with Secret NeighborGame

The developers of Hello Neighbor universe did a great job with a cool product – the game Secret Neighbor seems to be simple and understandable. This is especially beneficial if you are playing with teammates and the neighbor is an experienced player. The gameplay is focused on running around, inventing something, and tricking the insidious enemy in every way. The rounds of only fifteen minutes allow you to play quickly and get some fun.


  • Fun gameplay
  • Many tactics for both sides


  • Unbalanced characters
  • Localization bugs and flaws

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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