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Sonic CD Classic review

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Patricia Curtis

Sonic CD Classic review

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In August 2017 Nintendo got one of the juiciest releases on the platform. Sonic Mania developed by Christian Whitehead was published by SEGA and became a two-dimensional masterpiece for all the Sonic fans at once.

If you are a fan of Sonic and prefer action-adventure video games, you definitely must try it. As in the good old days, Sonic is going to rush forward, collect rings, fight with bosses and receive the emeralds of chaos.

Graphics — 5/5

Sonic Mania is a 2D video game, that's why the graphics are made in the characteristic manner of vintage games. The abundance of pixels remains us about the spirit of 90's video games. The visuals are cute in their appearance, though some modern graphical receptions were also used here. The animation for characters was significantly improved.

You will also find decent soundtracks complementing the retro-atmosphere. Classical tracks from Sonic were remade for the game, and a few new in the same manner were added.

All in all, Sonic Mania keeps the charm of vintage classics. The most robust colors and square pixelated animations are an essential part of this appeal.

Gameplay — 5/5

There are three main characters you can play for in Sonic Mania. Sonic himself, Knuckles, and Tails. As you know, each of them has a unique skill.

With bonus stages, you can collect items to improve your character's skills. For example, increase his speed or unlock the ending of the game.

The levels in Sonic Mania are extended, each act has the size of two acts of old pieces. This, on the one hand, is impressive, but on the other - such a long duration can make you a little bit tired, and it becomes difficult to trace the hero's route through the maps.

The best that levels can offer in Mania is nonlinearity. Each stage can take place in several ways, some of which are exclusive for certain characters - and this turns the passage for each of the three heroes into a nearly separate campaign. Despite the fact that you can go through Sonic Mania in one evening, you will need much more time to reveal all the game's secrets.

Controls — 4.5/5

Did you play the recent Sonic versions? Then you must not experience difficulties with managing the controls. Use the directional buttons to walk right and left. Hold the buttons to run. Click on the Down button while running to spin, by pressing the Down button you will crouch. All the needed combinations of actions you will quickly find yourself during the game.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

Sonic Mania is a perfect classic runner with exciting missions. There are lots of unpredictable moments during the game. So it is almost impossible to foresee what else the developers threw out. The nostalgia which Sonic Mania awakens at fans of the series is quite high. So lots of them would like to replay the game. Nevertheless, the game is somehow monotonous, and cannot be called at all desire.


Precisely that Sonic which we dreamed about for many years! Sonic Mania combines mechanics, graphics, and atmosphere of the past with some modern animations and levels. The game is colorful and eye-catching. With high-quality 2D and impressive effects, it deserves a place on your shelf with video games.

The Bottom Line

This burning feeling of nostalgia is in your heart again. Thanks to Sonic Mania, an excellent game for all retro lovers.


  • Exciting levels
  • Well-designed graphics
  • Improved gaming experience comparing to earlier Sonic games


  • Some levels are rather difficult
  • Monotonous gameplay

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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