The history of the series Killzone

Killzone series of games developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation. The game, which became a response to the mastodon from Microsoft Halo and just one of the most famous shooters in the gaming market. No wonder Killzone named one of the best shooters for all time of existence of the genre of FPS. Of course, this is likely not true, but the series had all the chances to become such. In honor of the release of the new Thriller about the confrontation of earthlings and helgastov, decided to remember what started this epic battle.

When energy resources of the Earth have been completely exhausted, it was decided to start to colonize other planets. Just after this decision had been found and colonized a planet called Helghan where people decided in a peaceful way to continue receiving resources. But after many years of Hagane gradually began to forget medical support from humans is practically not carried out, but local opportunities were too primitive.

Wearing protective clothing and masks for those who work on the street, became compulsory. But even with them in the course of inhalation of large doses of radioactive substances arising in the course of the conflict, helgast picked up”a light burn” and it did not live up to thirty years. In the end, the colony, opened the world’s Helgan, almost completely extinct from an unknown radiation. The few survivors mutated, adapted to the new environment. After many years of torment, the race helgast rose from the ashes and began to retaliate…

The first part of the series was released on 2 November 2004 on the Playstation 2 and was a first-person shooter. Good intentions to create a game that could compete with Halo coming out soon and Halo 2, was a success. Killzone largely had a breakthrough project. First and foremost, graphics. PS2 was at the peak of its popularity and beautiful games was a lot, but Killzone was one of those games in which the technology did the job. Colors did not cause delight; gray, nondescript locations of the oppressed, but their detail, explosions, shots were fired at a very high level.

But having the tools and ideas, Guerrilla Games, unfortunately, let us down in the implementation. Despite the fact that it was a shooter, in fact, nothing in the genre he has not brought, except for the setting. In addition, a very large number of bugs only worsen the situation.

The plot tells the story of how helgasty attack one of the main colonies of people living on the planet called VEKTA. Solar Vizari – thinker and the leader of the nation of Helgan, thanks to his intelligence and political guts trying to improve relations with other colonies and thus Helgan gets enough money aimed at military buildup. He also introduces the term “Helghast” in public speech. His assumed origin from the old English word gast, meaning spirit. Triad Helgastov becomes official symbol: three arrows, representing the Duty, Obedience and Loyalty, indicate the new values on which to base a new society. By the way just because of the dedication and the right, helgastov began to associate with the Third Reich. It really is very similar: many generals, pacing around the room with aggressive speeches, and the already mentioned symbol helgast you did not like?

In the eyes of the inhabitants of Helgan Vizari becomes a new hope for the restoration of the colony on Hagane. But Vizari had other plans, or rather, to restore it, it was like walking through the minds of those who suffered the ancestors helgastov. And for this, he calls all helgastov revenge. Using his gift of oratory he was not difficult to wrap all on his side and go into battle. The plan of capture was very simple: using the command, to withdraw the armed forces earthlings of the cities, wrapped in a protective platform in orbit against the outside of the fleet and destroying enemy ships and troops in Vectors. But thanks to several heroes, led by Colonel Tempera VEKTA remained under the control of earthlings.

Seeing the potential of a young Studio, Sony Guerrilla Games immediately buys and signs a contract for the development of subsequent parts of the series Killzone exclusive to Sony platforms. Then the Playstation came another person, and so were very many.

Some time later, with the help of a publisher and having huge ambitions, Guerrilla Games decided to make a truly great sequel. And in 2005 showed the first CG video of Killzone 2. The movie rocked by the scale of the action occurring on the screen, but most of all it surprised with the graphics. Later, Guerrilla Games has explained that this movie is nothing like the vision of what will be done in the sequel. But it will not happen soon and on a different generation console. And the story of Killzone will be continued sooner.

Killzone: Liberation, released on 31 October 2006 on the PSP, was a kind of offshoot of a story telling about the events that took place between the first and second part. This time about any achievements and speech could not be, because Liberation came mostly from the fact that at that time the newly made platform, the Sony is almost no blockbusters and Killzone: Liberation was supposed to be one of the reasons to buy a PSP.

What is certainly not shone Liberation is graphic, sad, but true; what the first part stood out among the competitors by its portable brother behind. About any first-person action of out of the question, the game is rather like a TPS in isometric perspective. Not only that, the gameplay appeared tactical elements with strategic overtones, and many believe that it was not a good idea, but the idea failed. Killzone: Liberation was a small breakthrough for tactical shooters. In other words, Liberation little were resembled to the first part and was something of experiment. Also implemented in the glory of the story also aroused the interest and answered some really interesting questions.

Three years after the events of the first part, conflicts are not going to stop, the question arises to start a nuclear war, but the Earth government against this decision and gives the order to captain Ian Templar and Rico Velasquez to conduct sabotage operations against helgastov. Force Vectors helgastov on retreat. The last decisive battle is fought in the Northern plains. All forces helgastov destroyed. The earth fleet is sent to blockade Gergana – but not to engage in clashes with the forces on the planet. Meanwhile, the earth fleet is preparing for the worst in the history of mankind operation.

Meanwhile, Guerrilla Games prepared now to continue, which should be something that completely overturned the idea of the shooters.

Next-gen platforms are gaining momentum. Microsoft vengeance releases for Xbox 360 and PS3 in this field yet no luck. Little games, the graphic features the developers use not at full capacity and the need of the PS3 as a platform is questioned. But in 2009 something happened that to this day has secured the title the PS3 the most powerful console in the world.

The sequel, released on 23 Feb 2009, really was what it was called for many years. The game was able to achieve the amazing level of graphics quality that I was hoping for the players after the roller 2005, and it is not simple it has achieved, and has set the bar so high that even after two years one could not do the same.

The game was the same shooter, which is all I played this game on PS2, but this time thanks to the technical power of the new console generation and the talent of Guerrilla Games, the game stood out, not only setting, but also the staging, scale and creativity.

But despite the fact that Killzone 2 was all super next-gen, in gaming terms it was old, not run-time gameplay, do not represent anything new for the genre. But even despite this, Killzone 2 became the second after the MGS4 game on the PS3 that you had to buy every console owner.

The Terran Council decide to launch a counteroffensive, and thus to end the war, but it can be done only through the overthrow of the Emperor Vizari. Detachment Sergeant Thomas Sevchenko tasked to get to the Palace Vizari and overthrow him. According to the laws of the dramatic genre, to a fateful encounter with Vizari will reach not all. I am glad that the writers, perfectly revealing the theme of despair, not rolled while in cheap pathos, and played on the feelings through more subtle methods. The scene this time not VEKTA, and Helghan – home planet of the aggressors and, consequently, its people are much less likely to win the war.

On the way to the Palace Vizari heroes visited not only in cities but also in the deserts, in the laboratories helgastov and on military bases. The path was not so simple, after all, against the group of people now is another convinced of the correctness of Colonel Mael Radek. Violent, strong, he also like Vizari, hates the whole human race and is willing to do anything to get revenge. After going through Hell, the heroes still get to the Palace and kill again, and after, and Vizari. Because the main priority was the capture of vizari, not a murder, it becomes clear that to end the war is still very far away…

The commander of the Imperial Personal guard and protector of the city of Pierre. He showed his desire to kill, and prefers action, not planning. Determined and ruthless, the soldiers call him the “hound of vizari”. Radek is ready to the last breath to serve Solara Vizari.

P. S. the story of Killzone is not the end, players will see at least another two games and one short film, but in the meantime, I propose to end, because Killzone 3 is already available.

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