The Sims™ 4

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The Sims™ 4 review

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Molly Johnson

The Sims™ 4 review

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The Sims 4 is currently the last and the most advanced game in the series of popular simulators of real life by Electronic Arts and Maxis. The game lets you create and control unique characters and entire families to take them through lives full of thrilling events and real feelings. Here you can become anything from a loving mother to rockstar to an ultra-villain. You can play the game on your PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PS4.

Graphics – 5/5

The Sims 4 doesn’t try to impress you with realistic visuals. Instead, it has its unique style that ‘s impossible to confuse with anything else. The game pictures the life of virtual humans in a slightly funky manner to make the whole thing look not too serious and believable and save your nerves! The gameplay involves controlling emotions and feelings, so it’s a good solution. Play this game at least once, and you will remember this style and interface design forever.

Controls – 5/5

Similarly to the previous installments in the series, the entire game can be controlled via the interface that you can see on the screen all the time. If you’re playing on a computer, you can also apply several keyboard buttons as substitutes to on-screen commands, which is very convenient. The console layout is rather different, but still convenient enough for playing this unusually-structured game.

Game Plot – 5/5

The Sims 4 plot is based on the scenarios from the previous chapters and reveals new details of each family tree lives. You can either explore the new stuff or create your own sim or an entire family and enjoy creating your own history of the city. The game is fully singleplayer so that you can rebuild entire cities and create new ones and inhabit them with any families that you want to interact with.

Due to such freedom and a large range of variabilities, you can generate an unlimited number of exciting scenarios while playing the game. In fact, every action you do has an almost irreversible effect, so make sure that you save your game before making some serious decisions.

Using the character editor, you can create an unlimited number of unique sims and then customize them while playing. Be ready to see how they will look when they get old and what children they may have!

Worth a Repay? – 5/5

It’s a pleasure to explore the world of this game for months and even years as it provides you with unlimited opportunities for exploration and development. In addition to the basic version, you can install a variety of official mods that add loads of additional content, including new scenarios and items.

Play Real Life

I recommend The Sims 4 to everyone who has ever played the previous installments or wants to play the most diverse simulator of real-life events, including romantic relations, career, and many more. And, hopefully, the new chapter is already on the way to his the upcoming generation of platforms.


  • Diverse gameplay with a variety of scenarios
  • Excellent point-and-click controls
  • Realistic life simulation
  • Unlimited gameplay


  • The addons are quire expensive
  • No multiplayer

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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